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Our Approach

True AI-based

DeepSparks is an experienced AI-based company with ready-to-launch platform for marketing and alternative scoring applications. Our platform is continuously trained to offer innovative products together with multiple partners.

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360 Degree Data

Multiple data set including past usages collected from our partners, social footprint and self-provided transactional data from our broad channels are input into the platform combining with blacklist check.

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Full Delivery Platform

With real mass experiences and systems in Enrollment process, Fund Delivery and Collection and Alternative Scoring Aggregator, we have all the processes and tools necessary to be up-and-running in real market in no time.

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Here are some of our products in Marketing and Digital Lending


The one platform that will help you with on-demand financial supports, so you can go on working without stress.
TemjaiPay is designed to help you access an emergency fund easier, more convenient, yet more economical, so you can take care of your daily life without frustration. If your company is taking part with TemjaiPay, you will be entitled to a special loan deal because as an employee, you know you are a gem of your company.

Partners and Customers

Here are some of our partners in Marketing and Digital Lending

Bar B Q Plaza

AI-based Marketing


AI-based Lending


eWallet and AI-based Lending

Management Team

We are a team of innovative-minded and experienced entreprenuers

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